Winner of the 2017 Wilmington Star News Best Actress Award for Holli Saperstein

Encore said:

"St. Germain’s script is smart, provocative, compelling, and enticing.....Saperstein breathes life into the words to make for an evening of theatre that is unforgettable."

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Star News said: 

​"It’s easy to write off Dr. Ruth as a sunny little old lady who says funny things about sex. But she's also a deadly serious and steely person who believes in the importance of work and education when it comes to healing wounds. Above all, she is genuine. It’s this quality in particular that Holli Saperstein projects in her performance, no easy task while balancing a German accent on a stage..."

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Encore said about A Few Good Men:

"Rapid-fire emotion: Director Anthony David Lawson and cast hit on all fronts!

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Star News said:

"Director Anthony Lawson does a fantastic job with his casting, however, and the production moves along as smoothly and fast-paced as Sorkin intended."

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What they are saying about Panache!

Encore said about the production, "Lawson genuinely makes the show a rediscovery. He rides the emotional waves of the script with buoyancy but also the desperation of a man realizing the only thing standing between him and starvation is an elf suit."

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Star News said, "The new Wilmington theater company Panache Productions finds the ample humor in "Santaland" without obscuring the fact that this is a story about living on the economic edge. Lawson is at his best when becoming conspiratorial with the audience, as if we're friends he's telling some juicy stories to.

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Holli Saperstein wins Best Actress in a play for "Becoming Dr. Ruth" at the Wilmington Star News Theatre Awards 2017!

Star News Online said:

"Score one for the elf with a funny and tuneful production."

Under the direction of the suspiciously named Donna N. Blitzen, Panache's efficient, well-run production of "Santaland" captures the spirit of the piece, which at its heart is about the often futile search for genuine moments in a world ruled by crass consumerism.

Jamey Stone's (Crumpet) strengths are that he's a practiced comic and a strong actor who knows how to hit the high points of this material and make it, or rather keep it, funny. The man knows how to get a laugh.

His occasional interactions with the four carolers -- Devin DiMattia, Jennifer Marshall Roden, Marlon Ramos and Will Roden -- are well-staged and the vocal arrangements (by the suspiciously named Rudolpho Nariz Rojo) are extremely well done, from songs bright and cheery .... to dark and twisted.

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